Everyone loves to have a spacious backyard and beautiful garden in there. But if you build a garden or a landscape without proper planning your efforts will be a total waste. Here are some useful guidelines for anyone who is planning to make a family garden.

  • 1. Talk to you family members and take into consideration the needs interest of you family members regarding the garden.
  • 2. Next, when you plan the layout of your garden, divide the space of your backyard in to r three areas, one for play and relaxation, one for gardening and maybe one for pets. These need not be separate areas. But visualizing the space required for these activities within your garden will greatly increase the usability of your garden.
  • 3. For children an open space with a nice lawn should be ideal. You can also have a table installed here with few garden chairs for a romantic dinner during summer.
  • 4. Next you have to plan an area for pets. It is always fun to play with your pets on the lawn and garden. But pets can also spoil your garden and it will be tough task to clean your garden. Remember that, cats and dogs are often attracted exactly by the things we try to keep them away from.
  • 5. If you have a fireplace make sure that it is at a safe distance from your home and pets. You can also plan a portion of your garden specially for keeping the fire woods, so that your garden will be kept clean.
  • 6. If you are person who loves privacy, make sure that your backyard is designed in such a way that by-passers can’t get a direct view of your garden. On the other hand if you are passionate and proud about your gardening skills and want to show it the rest of the world, make sure that everyone can see your art easily.
  • 7. Finally, when you plant the trees and plants, think of the functionality. You should have enough space to walk around. If you are plating trees, make sure that they won’t cause hindrance when the trees grow up.

Now if you are ready to design landscape or your garden, take a look at our landscaping section.

7 Tips for a Beautiful Family Garden
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