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Snowboarding Resort

Cruises and trips to the shore are great getaways during the winter when you want to get away from the cold snow and ice that is driving you nuts. However, what about the summer when all you want to do is get away from the unbearable heat? Therefore, taking a trip to a ski and [...]

Snowboarding Trick Tips

Are you ready to learn some neat snowboarding tricks? Here are some useful snowboarding tips to learn and perform the tricks. Learning how to snowboard is easy if you start small. Don’t try to run before you have learnt how to walk. Trying a big trick before you can do easier ones will only end [...]


What is Snowboarding? Snowboarding is a popular winter sport similar to ice skating. In snowboarding a flat snowboard is fixed on the person’s shoes who will then decent along the slope covered with ice. For snowboarding enthusiasts this game is fun and exciting. Every snowboarder has got his own tricks and tips to make this [...]