As a young boy I was always fascinated by the beauty of glowing Christmas in the night. When you think about Christmas, chances are that outdoor lighted Christmas decorations are one of the things that come to mind. The lighted Christmas stars, beautifully decorated Christmas trees and lawns. However, in order for you to set up your own outdoor lighted Christmas decorations, you need to know what options are available.

Outdoor Lighted Christmas Decorations: It is All About the Presentation
The most popular form of outdoor lighted Christmas decorations is in the form of stringed lights. Lighted Christmas DecorationsIndeed, although strings of Christmas lights are sometimes now replaced by animated outdoor Christmas decorations, they still have a special something about them.

If you intend to use strings of Christmas lights as your chosen method of outdoor lighted Christmas decorations, then you need to first choose the length that you want. Of course, the length has to do with what you want to string the lights across.

For example, if you want to frame your home with strings of light as your outdoor lighted Christmas decorations, then you will need at least a couple of strings of lights that are 50 feet long. Each string of light should be able to be connected to each other in much the way of how an extension cord works.

Another thing you will need to think about is the size of the lights that you want. If you would like to recapture the nostalgia of classic Christmases, then the larger lights, which are sometimes are large as smaller-sized light bulbs, are a good choice.

If you would like a daintier look to your Christmas decorations, and to make the lights appear as if they are floating, then the smaller strings of Christmas lights are a good choice. Keep in mind that they larger the Christmas lights, then the more expensive they might be.

With the length of the light strings and the size of the lights chosen, the next step is choosing the colors. It used to be that multicolored lights were the only option, but now specific colors are readily available. For a more Victorian look, white lights are preferable. For a classic look, multicolored lights are still the main choice.

However, you can get more creative by mixing and matching different colors. For example, if you have a lamp post, you can first wrap a string of green Christmas lights around it, and then a string of red Christmas lights in the opposite direction. You can also add a variety homemade Christmas decorations along with this to make it look unique.

Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to use strings of lights. You can also use nets of lights, which work well as bush decorations. With the proper planning, you will certainly have a festive-looking yard! Our article on Christmas lawn decorations should also help you to achieve this.

Outdoor Lighted Christmas Decorations
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